My early corporate career in wallpaper opened the door to my current business. Strip & hang wallpaper started in 1980. Wallcovering is now the old-new design trend.

Things to Consider

Are all wallpaper stripping & hanging contractors the same?

40 years of great results in homes and estates.

Floors & carpets are covered.

Walls & floors are safe. Great clean up.

Sam is trained & Certified®, with 40+ years of experience.

Specializing in wall prep, patching, wallpaper stripping & hanging.

Professional wallpaper paper stripping solutions used.

Fine misting sprayer is used to apply remover & prevent runs.

Paste residue is washed & scrubbed from walls, ceiling & woodwork.

Walls are patched, sanded & size primed.

After walls are prepared, the finest paste is used to adhere the wallcovering.

Sam's How to Tip's

How to hang wallpaper wallcovering

Start papering in a place that is inconspicuous and your starting point will be your ending point. Using a level and a pencil, draw a vertical line from the floor to the ceiling. You will align your paper to this, keep the mark as light as possible.

Cut a length of wallcovering that’s 4 inches longer than the wall. Apply paste to the paper. Or, if using prepasted wallpaper, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Start at the ceiling, aligning the paper with the plumb line. Roughly 2 extra inches should flop on the ceiling, and 2 more inches flop over the baseboard.

Smooth the paper using a smoothing brush or a plastic smoother. Remove wrinkles by pulling a section of the paper away from the wall until you reach the wrinkle. Smooth out the paper as you lay it back on the wall. Smooth from the middle out.

Trim the paper. Using a wide putty knife, press the paper against the ceiling, baseboard, or corner and trim it with a sharp razor blade. Questions call Sam     804-262-7772

Sam's How to Tip's

How to strip wallpaper wallcovering

Try only a 2 foot by 2 foot area. Strip the outer face off the wallpaper. This can be a vinyl coating or just a layer of paper. This will leave only the backing material and glue. Prepare a wallpaper stripping solution of water and pine oil cleaner. Wallpaper stripping solution should be sprayed on the backing material and allowed to soak. A garden-type sprayer will speed up the soaking process. Remove the backing material with a wallpaper scraping tool. If this fails, re-wet the backing and allow it to soak longer.

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