Finished 3 Large Wallpaper Jobs

Finished 3 large wallpapering jobs. One was a wallcovering repair in an $8 Million House and the others were papering many rooms in large homes. I am finishing a beautiful […]

Wallpaper Job Complete

I am finished hanging paper today in a West End neighborhood. I installed paper for 2 neighbors. I have been putting up paper in this area for 4 weeks.

Paperhanger Web Site

Kevin is helping me build a new web site for my paperhanging business.

Paperhanger Forum

Wrote short directions on wall preparation for locking down cheap paint on my paperhanger forum.

Paperhanger @ home

This paperhanger is stripping & hanging wallpaper in his home. It is interesting to hang in my own house.

Web Site

Thanks to George & Kevin for helping me with my paperhanger web site. Let me know if you have suggestions. https://www.samuelvpalmer.com/index.htm

Web Site

Working on my Strip & Hang Paper Web Site.

Handmade Papers & Murals

These special papers & murals are in great demand for adding scenic effects to an area, creating an particular atmospheres or accenting an area. I am installing many of these […]

Historic House; Lynchburg, VA

I am hanging wallpaper in a Historic House.  The wallpaper is made by Bradbury & Bradbury & Burt Wall.  The homeowner installed battens for the wall fill paper and a […]

Grasscloth Delicate to Hang

Grass paper & grasscloth is coming back for use in home & office. I always hang panels to balance the room. Always keep glue off the front. Hire a pro […]

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